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This page describes the criteria for recognition in the Continuity department. 

To become a member of any department, you have to:

The criteria below have been the AQTIS 514 IATSE requirements since March 18, 2021. 

Script Supervisor
  • Have been listed in the membership directory as an Assistant Script Supervisor
  • Have taken the SCRIPTE course
  • Have completed an editing observation internship of at least 5 days. This internship can take place during an assistantship contract and is compulsory before being able to accumulate credits as a script supervisor. The editor or assistant editor provides an evaluation and proof of internship.
  • Have accumulated 120 days of work as script supervisor under AQTIS contract on at least 2 productions (the maximum cumulative number of days in advertising is 10 out of 120)

All of the criteria above also apply to reclassifications. A professional script supervisor from another union or country must accumulate up to 90 days of work on the 120 due with contract recognized by the AQTIS 514 IATSE, as a script. An interview and a meeting with the Continuity committee are mandatory

Assistant Script Supervisor
  • Have taken the AQTIS 101 course
  • Have performed a mandatory 30-day observation internship. The internship must include 25 days on the set and a maximum of 5 days of preparation. The 30 days must be spread over several types of production (cinema, series, advertising), with a maximum of 3 days eligible for advertising. The scripts must produce an evaluation report for the trainee. The internship is pre-requisite to hold the function of assistant script supervisor
  • Have accumulated 90 days of work as an Assistant Script Supervisor permittee under AQTIS contract on at least 2 different productions. An evaluation report of the script supervisor is compulsory for the recognition of the assistant script supervisor

All of the criteria above also apply to reclassifications. 

A standard internship certification and evaluation document will be designed for trainers and distributed to everyone for each stage of recognition.

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