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Health & Safety

AQTIS cares about the health and safety of its members. It intervenes in numerous ways to ensure prevention, which means eliminating danger at the source before an accident can occur. AQTIS works with producers and crews to create a healthy work environment; it provides information and access to numerous documents to enhance members’ knowledge about health and safety; and it works with the CNESST (formerly the CSST) and other industry stakeholders to defend and improve the health and safety of its members.


Prior to every production, the AQTIS representative inquires about the shooting locations, and occasionally meets with the producers to ensure that work areas are safe. Accident prevention is the priority, which means that the AQTIS representative informs technicians of their rights, but also producers of their obligations.

Complete and up-to-date knowledge of safety-related legislation, as well as contractual obligations, is necessary, and the representative keeps crews informed through regular newsletters, during site visits, and through electronic communications in the event of an emergency.

The representative also works with producers and on site to address the situation when notified of safety issues by members (or anyone else).

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Responding to Workplace Accidents

When a workplace accident occurs, an AQTIS representative visits the accident site if the situation requires it in order to assist the crew or individual involved and ensure that the CNESST has all the information it requires for its investigation. The representative also ensures that the site is safe for the crew.

Additionally, AQTIS helps members with the CNESST claims process following a work-related accident. If necessary, it can also advocate for the rights of members who have been injured.

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Safe Maternity Experience

AQTIS offers support to pregnant technicians by informing them about how to access the CNESST Safe Maternity Experience program. It can also help these technicians in their dealings with the CNESST and provide information on available alternatives.

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Sectoral Intervention

AQTIS cooperates with CNESST inspectors and all public services that may influence the safety of productions. AQTIS ensures that the authorities collaborate as much as possible, and work with productions to prevent accidents.

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