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Transport Department

Applicable from October 22, 2021

Mandatory training for all department members

Initiation à la vie associative

TRAN or Obligations des utilisateurs de véhicules lourds (OUVL) courses

Possess a Class 5 driver's licence that has been valid at least 5 years

Possess a Class 4B driver's licence

Other training may be made mandatory by the executive committee. The list will be adjusted if necessary. 

Request a copy of your driving record

Hierarchical structure of the department

With the exception of the Base Camp Operator, the transfer of credits can be done:

Transport Coordinator

Assistant Transport Coordinator / Transport Captain

The functions of Assistant Transport Coordinator and Transport Captain are equivalent. 

Assistant Transport Captain

Specialized Driver


Runner Driver (any department)

Office runner, Set runner, Art department runner, Costume department runner

Base Camp Operator

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