Managing a Team

Managing a Team

Length : 7 hours


This course lets you critically examine your own management practices and update your knowledge regarding empowerment, team management and work climate.

More specifically, this course will help you to:

  1.     Acquire a better knowledge of union rights;
  2.     Understand the rights and obligations regarding occupational health and safety;
  3.     Recognize the qualities of a leader on the management team;
  4.     Develop better tools to avoid conflicts and prevent harassment.

The proposed activities will leave room for group discussions, case studies and team workshops.

Target professions

This courses is intended for people who:

  •     Exercise line authority;
  •     Direct or supervise the professional activities of their colleagues;
  •     Assume the responsibility of the person in authority on individual occasions.

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Have taken the course “Initiation to community life” and already be a member of AQTIS 514 IATSE.

Training team

  • David Giasson, Labour Relations Advisor, AQTIS 514 IATSE

  • Nathalie Tassé (Occupational Health and Safety Advisor, AQTIS 514 IATSE) has been working in health and safety for over 25 years. She holds a master's degree in ergonomics and has worked mainly in the industrial sector. Throughout her career, she has developed the implementation of prevention programs and various health and safety training contents (for local and international purposes). A team player, Nathalie enthusiastically shares her knowledge and experience through her role as a trainer at AQTIS 514 IATSE.


  •  Pierre-Luc Asselin has an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree and a certificate in labour relations. AQTIS 514 IATSE labor relations advisor, he has 12 years of experience as a lighting technician and more than 15 years on film sets. Pierre-Luc has the knowledge required to understand the realities of freelance life in the audiovisual industry.  As a trainer of "Managing a Team", he wishes to enlighten learners on the challenges and responsibilities of the position and give them the best tools to manage, communicate and lead a team. 


  • Catherine Tessier has been climbing the ranks within the Camera department for 25 years. She has now held the position of first camera assistant for 13 years. In addition to her passion for her work, in 2012, she got involved in the union. Since then, her dedication has continued to grow. She currently holds a seat on the executive committee and played an active role in negotiating collective agreements in 2019. Furthermore, she was the only woman to have a seat at the discussion table during the merger of the three entities. Additionally, she actively participates in the establishment of committees for Green Sets and Women in Industry all while representing the Camera department since 2013.


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Course contents

Part 1: Union considerations

  •   Realize the importance of being familiar and complying with the collective agreements.
  •   Be familiar with the various procedures in case of disputes or legal action.
  •   Understand the usefulness of the SET.

Part 2: Occupational health and safety

Be familiar with:

  •     The definition of occupational health and safety;
  •     The applicable laws;
  •     Prevention (Act respecting occupational health and safety);
  •     Compensation (Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases);
  •     Your obligations under the laws;
  •     Consequences for not obeying the laws;
  •     Your responsibility with regard to occupational health and safety;
  •     Reasonable diligence;
  •     Resources

Part 3: Managing a team

Defining your role

  •     Develop tools for choosing the members of your team.
  •     Determine the importance of credibility in your leadership.
  •     Differentiate the management styles and target the impacts of your style on mobilizing your team.

Part 4: The work climate

  •     Recognizing conflicts
  •     Intervening in conflicts
  •     Defining harassment
  •     Knowing the consequences of harassment
  •     Clarifying the responsibilities of every individual


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8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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100$ + taxes

Approx. once a month


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