Solidarity with TVA employees

Publié le January 31, 2024

Brothers and sisters,
Like us, TVA employees are currently negotiating a new collective agreement with their employer.
There is a persistent rumour that TVA is offering some of our members contracts to fill positions in the event of a labour dispute, strike or lockout. We want to remind you that our brothers and sisters at TVA, who like us are affiliated with the FTQ, deserve our respect and solidarity.
In 2018, during their last bargaining round, TVA workers were able to reach an agreement at the bargaining table instead of going through a labour dispute. Our solidarity made it possible.
As a union member and, above all, as a technician, we ask you to consider your position VERY seriously if TVA offers you work. Watch in particular for programs currently produced by TVA in-house, such as La Poule aux œufs d'or, sports coverage (NHL games and other TVA Sports programs), Salut Bonjour, the newscasts, Vlog and Le Tricheur.
Not having work can never justify taking the job of someone who is on strike or locked out. 
As you know, we are still negotiating with the AQPM and our industry is facing strong headwinds. At this time, solidarity among all of us who work in television is more important than ever.
Thank you for your solidarity.