Publié le August 27, 2019

After August 29, 2019 strike, we recommend you use our standard contract below:

Television contract

Cinema contract

New media contract

Producers may ask you to sign a new contract. You must ensure that it contains the following specific conditions:

  • All the dispositions, annexes and letters provided in the agreement (Television AQTIS-AQPM 2015-2018; Cinema AQTIS-AQPM 2015-2018; New media AQTIS-AQPM 2015-2017), depending on the production, apply.
  • The technician expressly authorizes AQTIS and its agents - in application of this Contract - to represent,  to act for and in her or his name at all times.

Any contract without these new conditions or without the new AQTIS contract, we can not guarantee the application of the working conditions stipulated in the collective agreement, including penalties, overtime and benefits.

For questions, call us at 514 844-2113.

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