Message to members: allegations and actions

Publié le February 14, 2023

Hello everyone,
In light of social media posts containing serious allegations about our organization’s leadership and rumours that have begun to circulate, we would like to make some clarifications.
Members have made allegations about the Executive Board’s management practices and its decisions related to the merger. Members have also written to IATSE International President Loeb and the Administrative Labour Tribunal.
Since the beginning of our term of office, we have always sought to manage the organization and the merger diligently and with our members’ best interests in mind. We recognize that there have been many changes and members have legitimate concerns.
As members of the Executive Board and members of the union, we believe that it is in the best interest of our organization and our members that any doubts be cleared up. Today we made an official request to the International President of IATSE to conduct an investigation. This request is consistent with the one made by some members and is intended to clarify the situation and review the allegations that have been made.
At the same time, our door is open to anyone who has concerns or questions they wish to share. We are working on behalf of all members to keep our organization and our industry united, strong and attractive to local and international productions. We are open to any adjustments that are necessary to achieve this.
You will be kept informed of the steps taken by IATSE International and the outcome of this investigation. It is our hope that this process will allow us to continue working together to finalize the merger and update our organization’s mission for the benefit of all members.
In solidarity,
The Executive Board