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In the menu below, you will find the list of departments covered by AQTIS. Each department page indicates the membership criteria for the various occupations involved.

Check out here the detailed definition list of the functions recognized by the AQTIS (in french only).

The descriptions of the membership criteria found on these pages are for information purposes only. Please see the AQTIS Statutes and Regulations for the official version.


One credit is equal to one day of work performed as a permittee under an AQTIS employment contract.

Recognizing Experience

AQTIS may recognize experience you have accumulated outside its jurisdiction, up to a specified maximum number of credits for each occupation (Membership criteria).

To apply, you must sign your first AQTIS contract and begin to accumulate credits. No application will be examined before you have obtained your first AQTIS contract and completed the AQTIS 101 training.

Upon receipt of a request to recognize credits on CV, AQTIS will ask the permittee to provide documentation attesting to the experience outside AQTIS, such as :

In addition to the documents mentioned above, foreign nationals wishing to have their experience recognized must meet the following requirements :

In all cases, in addition to experience recognition from AQTIS, a technician wishing to become a member of the association must accumulate a minimum of permittee credits in his or her occupation.

To obtain experience recognition, please contact Member Services at 514 844-2113. /

Please contact the relevant authorities (government departments, consulates, etc.) for information regarding work permits.


Reclassification is the process by which a member requests recognition in an occupation governed by the association, other than the one for which he or she is already accredited. Any member requesting reclassification in a new occupation must demonstrate sufficient work experience depending on the membership criteria of the requested occupation.

Consult the Membership criteria by department.


Any member in good standing may apply in writing to resign from the association. Resignation does not release the member from the obligation to pay any dues owing to the association, however.

A member who has not been in good standing for 12 months is automatically deemed to have resigned from the association, and his/her name is removed from the list of members.

A member who has resigned may be readmitted to the association, as long as annual dues owing from past years and for the current year are paid.

A member who has resigned can only work as a permittee.

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